CX Institute

The CX Institute or Citizen Experience and Well-Being Institute is one of the main planned outcomes of the Košice 2.0 project. In the future, it should become an urban conceptual organization in the field of architecture, urban planning, development, participation, creation, and management of the city of Košice.

The CX Institute’s role is to identify, analyze and redesign the services provided, either individually or together with other stakeholders, by the city.

It will also collect, update, and use data while carrying out applied research and cooperating with universities, research labs, and non-profit organizations. It will evaluate the data used in the local policy-making processes and coordinate the independent preparation of strategic documents for the city of Košice.

The experts working at the CX Institute will carry out the following key activities:

  • identifying services provided by the city,
  • identifying the method of delivery of these services to citizens and ascertaining their quality,
  • identifying the data needed to achieve the goals of the Košice 2.0 project while using a certain methodology,
  • suggesting a redesign of services that are being provided,
  • collecting, managing, and regularly updating data which is necessary for the improvement of urban services,
  • interpreting the collected data and, on their basis, identifying urban challenges that could benefit from innovation.

The CX Institute formulates open calls for innovation programs that aim to develop urban services with the help of local stakeholders from different sectors by supporting their creative ideas.