Citizen Experience and Well-being Institute (CXI)

It consists of research and analytical team, which map the public space and city’s services through data, and it aims to improve citizensquality of life.

The Institute was created under Košice 2.0 project and is a part of the non-profit organization Creative Industry Košice.  

CXI aims to improve citizens’ quality of life.

CXI supports data-based decision-making through its activities; it identifies challenges and searches for ways to address them in cooperation with the city, universities, business, and civic sector. 

Research teams Public Space, Data and Services are working together to meet CXI’s goals.

To fulfill its goal, it uses:


Citizen Experience and Well-being Institute (CXI) collects, analyzes, and processes data about citizens’ quality of life, public space, and the city’s services. It is interested in current research and good practices of cities worldwide. It studies new methods and ways of processing information focused on the urban environment.


CXI cooperates with public, educational, and scientific research institutions, as well as a business environment, non-profit and civic sectors. It uses participatory methods to engage and include citizens in the questions of the city’s development.


CXI uses creative methods that combine new technologies and art to collect, interpret, and visualize data.


CXI formulates the challenges and assignments for acceleration, innovation, and educational programs designed for citizens, entrepreneurs, and creatives.