Citizens in the project

The Košice 2.0 project concentrates on citizens. Those who live in our city and those who work, study, create and spend their free time here. Citizens play an integral part in the project activities.

Citizens can get involved in the project in various ways, either by expressing their views on data collection through surveys or participating in one of the project activities. Over the next three years, project partners will organize lectures, seminars, and workshops for citizens. They can also participate in an educational program or work on their own ideas during innovation programs.

Most importantly, the citizens can take part in the You innovate! grant program. The Municipality of Košice will publish three open calls for citizens with specific challenges that need resolving. These challenges will be directly related to the city and the services it provides. Selected proposals or prototypes will be supported not only financially but also technologically in the so-called FabLab.

Why should you participate?

All project activities and events are related to sustainable urban development. The city can only adjust and react to the needs of the communities that inhabit it if it involves the citizens. The Košice 2.0 project is based on the idea that citizens can contribute to a better life in the city – with their own ideas, creativity, and commitment.