We are introducing the work of CXI: team Data 


Citizen Experience and Well-being Inštitút (v skratke CXI) tvoria výskumníčky a výskumníci, ktorých víziou je, aby sa rozhodnutia v meste prijímali na základe dát. Kým v prvom článku sme sa venovali verejnému priestoru a tímu, ktorý sa zaoberá jeho mapovaním a tvorbou odporúčaní, ako ho zlepšiť, v tomto texte si povieme, na čom pracuje tím Dáta. 

Data to make better decisions 

You can imagine our city as a living organism – full of relationships and connections, very similar to our, humans. For its health and prosperity, we need to have the most accurate information about the processes that take place in it. 

Data is information whose analysis, evaluation, or interpretation enables us to make qualified decisions. That is why one of the outputs of the Košice 2.0 project is the creation of a functional prototype of the open data portal of the Košice city, which you will read about in the article. 

Correctly collected and interpreted information – data is key for creating the insights, that work of the team Public space and team Services is based on. Simply said, the basis of quality output is correct input data. 

How the team Data works 

The team focuses on different areas of quality of life in the city, which are connected by data. First, it is necessary to understand data, so a significant part of the team’s work consists in analyzing them. Evaluation and interpretation come in the second step. 

Although there is no shortage of data today, innovative topics sometimes become unreliable or completely lacking. In this case, the team will propose research or go to the terrain. 

The outputs of the team Data are often the basis for the work of other colleagues at CXI. Visualizations and analyzes are also becoming part of the newly emerging open data platform of the city of Košice, in the development of which the data team is actively involved. 

Throughout the data, we deal with the topic of quality of life and specifically wellbeing (satisfaction with life). We are trying to bring a new and broader view of the city and its citizens.   

Team data

A new view of the city and its development  

The main task of the Data team is to create documents that are later transformed into recommendations for the Municipal of Košice. Thanks to that, the city can adapt to the constantly changing environment and develop meaningfully and sustainably, considering the rights of those we pass our environment on. 

Thanks to working with data, new knowledge about the city and various aspects of its operation are created. You will meet the results of the Data team, not only in the form of blogs but on our website and social networks regularly! 

The primary goal of our work is to bring a new perspective on the city, its development, and professional support for informed decision-making. 

team data