Open call: Effective integration of war refugees from Ukraine into the labor market in the Košice region

  • 8. April 2022 - 5. May 2022
We are cooperating with the inhabitants of Ukraine

The City of Košice, in cooperation with the non-profit organization Creative Industry Košice, is announcing an open call for a hackathon within the innovative programs of the Košice 2.0 project.

The leading partner of the event is Profesia, the company providing the most visited job portal in Slovakia.

Challenge: The effective integration of the war refugees from Ukraine into the labor market in the Košice region

The goal of the Hackathon: To develop a digital tool to make the integration of the incoming inhabitants of Ukraine into the Slovak labor market more effective, with an emphasis on the regional market in Košice.

The solution should address the problem of matching job offers of Slovak institutions and companies with the working capacity of the new inhabitants.

The inhabitants of Ukraine will often look for work in temporary conditions. A mobile phone should be enough to contact their future employer. We have a historic opportunity to push the Slovak labor market into the 21st century.

The design of your digital tool solution can be complex, or you can focus on one of the following sub-areas that have been identified as key:

  • Highly qualified jobs in the public or commercial sector.

Many people come to us from Ukraine who suddenly had to leave their careers in state institutions, schools, hospitals, science, and administration of all sectors. Here, the platform must focus on combining the candidates’ educational attainment and current experience, which they will link to existing opportunities or companies open to expanding their capacities.

  • Job positions in industrial production, public and commercial services.

In an open market, there is a risk of abuse of the situation in the form of an unfair labor price or unacceptable working conditions, such as seasonal work. Candidates with lower qualifications should receive as reliable and safe service as everyone else. This especially applies to jobs held by women who came to Slovakia only with their children.

  • Possibilities of founding and opening a private business, integration into the country’s economic life in an independent form.

It will apply to people with experience in crafts, trade, and perhaps the arts. However, new companies need investment in the beginning.


Terms of registration

The following can apply:

  • teams (preferred)
  • individuals

We will then try to place individuals in specific teams during the event. The recommended maximum number of members in one team is 6 people. Participation in the event is free.

If a team registers for the hackathon, it appoints one person at the registration – a representative who fills in the registration form on behalf of the team and will represent it throughout the event. This person is obliged to state the names of all team members in the registration form.

Join if you are from the following areas:

  • Computer programmer
  • Developer
  • UX/UI designer
  • Data analyst
  • Economists
  • Sociologists
  • Creative/idea maker

Evaluation and criteria

The solutions will be evaluated by a jury selected based on their professional experience. Projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria and at the discretion of the jury:

  • 40% potential impact on communities
  • 30% complexity and technological implementation (reflects how the team applied the proposed solution and evaluates the complexity of the idea – its feasibility, implementability, and sustainability)
  • 30% quality and relevance of the solution (relevance in the context of the challenge and the volume of work done during the hackathon)

The team that receives the highest overall score based on the valid evaluation criteria will be the winner and receive a prize pool of 5,000 Euros.

Hack for Help will take place 24 hours, starting at 18.00 on Friday until 18.00 on Saturday. Presentations and announcements of the winners will follow.

Register yourself or your team by 5.5.2022


The event follows current anti-pandemic measures.