Meet the participants in the first round of the Challenger Urban:Creative program

[Acceleration program]

The Challenger Urban:Creative accelerator program has started. During the Bootcamp, the expert jury managed to select the best projects that have the potential to improve life in the city. In the following lines, we will introduce you to 8 teams and projects competing for victory in the first round of the Challenger Urban:Creative program. – Venue reservation portal for events is an information-reservation web portal with a vision to create a place on the Internet that will bring people information about all available places for organizing events, such as weddings, celebrations, corporate events, conferences. At the same time, it will inform about services, prices, availability, and offer their 3D digital tour. As part of the acceleration program, will establish cooperation with the city and focus primarily on spaces within it.

eZelené mesto – A revolution in reducing the city’s carbon footprint

Startup eZelené mesto offers a revolution in reducing the carbon footprint in Košice, to which citizens, households, companies, and the city itself contribute together. It came up with technological innovation, which in the form of second-hand energy data transmitted in real-time, using data analysis and augmented reality, creates space for learning about the energy needs of individuals, households, schools, and other urban objects. In the Košice 2.0 project, this multidisciplinary team participates in the creation of a platform with open energy data and thus tries to make Košice a SMART city. At the same time, it will show citizens in an entertaining way how to use technology to reduce its carbon footprint.

GAMEFAIR – Gaming revolution in Košice

21Games is a group of young people starting a gaming revolution in Košice. Their goal is to awaken the potential that is still untapped in Košice. 21Games will build on the strong and large gaming community they have created so far.

The vision of 21Games is to create a strong branding for a large gaming event, GAMEFAIR, which will operate independently and bring benefits for the region, city, or companies in the form of strong visibility to the target group – the young generation Z and Alpha gamers. The gaming event is not just about fun – it will also attract young people and motivate them to either return to Košice or stay for those considering leaving. In the long run, 21Games contributes to the city’s development and its attractiveness for employees and employers.

IPark – Shared parking using artificial intelligence

The iPark system is revolutionizing the parking industry. With the help of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to monitor the occupancy of the car park through already installed public camera systems. The data is shared with users in a mobile application and on a website in real-time. The iPark system works even in bad weather or light conditions. The mobile application provides comfort when parking, such as payment by mobile phone or finding the nearest free parking lot. The shared parking system will be similar to Airbnb but with a focus on parking spaces.

The author of the idea is the company SmartCity Group, which was established in 2018 and since then has been developing cloud applications and systems for the SmartCity concept.

Meno.Mesto.Zviera.bež! – A game about self-defense on screen and in the streets

Meno.Mesto.Zviera.bež! is a computer game that deals with the issue of self-defense in public space. At various levels in Slovak cities, players gain experience and knowledge about self-defense, which is practically usable in real life.

The topic of self-defense was identified by the members of the creative team of Trhačky ovocia as an insufficiently and inefficiently communicated societal problem. Therefore, they decided to process this issue into an accessible and innovative form, thanks to which they can address both gaming and non-gaming audiences. In the context of the city of Košice, the authors see the contribution of this project, especially in pointing out the risky aspects of urban public spaces. From the national point of view, they try to popularize the discussion about self-defense.

RescueRoom – Experiential first aid course

RescueRoom is an experiential first aid project that turns a dull and theoretical course into a practical experience.

During the course, each participant can try the role of paramedic and observer, deal with life-threatening conditions and treat injuries in a simulated but realistic environment. RescueRoom is composed of professional paramedics and first aid instructors with more than 15 years of experience. This is one reason why team members come with an individual approach to each target group while adapting the content, complexity, and environment to the level of their knowledge or areas of interest. RescueRoom aims to work with communities in the city to create a safer environment while spreading awareness. RescueRoom plans to open the first branch in Košice and offer a mobile version for events or roadshows.

Social World – Making health and social care more accessible

Social World is developing a revolutionary and innovative way of making health and social care more accessible. It gives its users the possibility to communicate via a mobile application directly. At the same time, in comparison with the current model of agencies, clients can choose with whom and when they will cooperate.

Social World saves money on fees and shortens the time for finding care or work. The application also offers transport companies the opportunity to provide their services and become part of the Social World.

The founder Radoslav Kozlov sees the project’s potential in relation to the city of Košice on several levels. The application makes it possible for seniors and the disabled to find the necessary caregivers relatively easily. On the other hand, it will allow caregivers to find a job in their region.

Wellnesso – Relax whenever you need it

Wellnesso is a platform that connects the best beauty salons, wellness, and sports centers with customers. It enables reservation management and is also a channel for presentation and marketing communication directly with the customer.

The platform can increase the attractiveness of the city and support tourism, as it concentrates these services and their reservations in one place.

Behind the Wellnesso platform is a young but experienced team of students. Daniela Chovancová, a student with several awards in innovation, graphic design, and IT education, is behind the idea, functional design, and design. Samuel Farkaš, a student who also collaborates on developing applications of world-famous companies using the latest technologies, is behind its development.

Participants complete three sprints full of workshops, supplemented by individual consultations with coaches and mentors. They will present their ideas to the public in June, during Demo Day. At this final event, you will have the opportunity to watch presentations of all projects and vote for your favorite one. Follow our website and socials to learn more!