Košice 2.0 | EP. 2 | How can data inform better policies?


Košice 2.0 series are focused on citizen experience, public services, improvement of well-being, and growth of civic engagement. In episode 2, we discuss „ How can data inform better policies?“.

In the second episode, we discussed with the CCIs experts topics related to the data:

  • is data the holy grail for informing better policies?
  • the need of reconsidering how we collect data from the ground, from the citizens,
  • the cultural sector’s unique tools that are the key to collecting more relevant data.

Special thanks to Gabu Heindl, Charles Landry, Michela Magas & MTF Labs, Carlos Martins, Daan Roosegaarde  &  Studio Roosegaarde and Pier Luigi Sacco.