Košice 2.0 | EP. 1 | How to measure citizens’ well-being?


Košice 2.0 series are focused on citizen experience, public services, improvement of well-being, and growth of civic engagement. In episode 1, we discussed „ How to measure citizens’ well-being?“

With the experts in the CCIs field, we dived into the topics such as:

  • how the sense of citizen well-being relates to the idea of belonging?
  • what happens when the city understands the importance of design and the objective of producing economic value and retaining talent?
  • what are the essentials that help people bond with the specific place?

Special thanks to  Gabu Heindl, Charles Landry, Michela Magas & MTF Labs, Carlos Martins, Daan Roosegaarde & Studio Roosegaarde and Pier Luigi Sacco.