Eastside Heroes Vol. 5: Crypto & Blockchain – How did it all start and where did we get?

  • Online event
  • 28. July 2021
  • 18:00

The magic words crypto, cryptocurrency, and blockchain have been with us for some years. Despite everything negative, positive, or confusing, they are becoming more and more popular. For some, it is a form of free money, an opportunity to invest or achieve freedom on the Internet, for others, it is more about speculation and a dangerous way to cover up criminal activities and illegal activity.

☑️ How did it all start, what did crypto look like in the past?
☑️ What should we know about blockchain?
☑️ What can run on blockchain and what is happening in this field outside the world of cryptocurrencies?

We will talk about the history, development, and presence of this technology, its risks, and its benefits for society.
The guest of Eastside Heroes No.5 is Peter Tóth, Technical Team Lead at HOTOVO. If you are interested in this topic, watch us online. During the event, you can join the discussion thanks to sli.do.

It is necessary to register for the event using the form: https://forms.gle/ci9hCtND1TJKADvw9.