The Košice 2.0 project started with the Eastside Heroes event series, which presents the best of the East in the field of IT and the creative industry


This series of events was prepared as part of the Košice 2.0 project. Their goal is to build a community in the field of IT, support networking, and present ideas that can change our city.

IT and cultural and creative industries are strongly represented in Košice, and many locals work in these fields. The IT industry has recently been growing, and on average, 1,000 job seekers find employment in this sector every year. In addition to large companies and corporations, there are many small companies, startups, and freelancers. However, they are often unaware of each other and find it difficult to work together or find specific professionals for their projects. The same is true for the cultural and creative industries. 

Eastside Heroes meetups are therefore focused on these two areas. “In Košice, culture and the IT industry have a strong background and we think that we should talk more about them. And not just about the large-scale activities. In order to enable the city’s ecosystem to prosper and create an ideal environment for life, we need to see and know more about the smaller, but no less important stories,” says Marek Lavčák from Eastcubator.

According to Marek, we can’t just create a community. It will form naturally around common values, interests, and principles of functioning. “Through these meetups, we want to show the values ​​thanks to which IT and culture in the city grow and develop, and help people find each other. You can’t collaborate or be in a community with someone you don’t know. Our activities are the first small step.”

Since March 2021, three Eastside Heroes meetups have taken place, so far only online. The first was dedicated to games and their place in the city and the innovation ecosystem.

At the second meetup, we learned what the journey of an IT entrepreneur looks like.

The third meetup introduced us to e-sports, what the community of players in the East of Slovakia looks like, and how it can improve the quality of life in the city.

We know that developing communities in IT, cultural, and creative industries and building connections between them is not just up to us. “If you know of someone who does interesting things or works on exceptional projects, let us know, and we’ll get their story to people they can engage with and inspire. How people live in this city is our responsibility. The city is a living ecosystem, which often needs the right people to meet to prosper,” adds Marek.

Next, we will present the story of Martin Kossuth, CEO and Senior UX Designer at More Design, with whom we will talk, among other things, about digital design, its development, and its significance in the context of today’s world.

See you on June 2, 2021, at 18:00 at the Eastside Heroes Vol.4: Good design for a better future.